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What does the trip cost cover?
The trip cost covers the tour leader, lodging and transport. On several occasions it also includes meals. Extra charges are not levied while traveling with us. We hardly include entry fees. Some places offer discounts to students.

How can Discover Asia Tours work on such reasonable prices?
At Discover Asia Tours, we believe in giving you a realistic experience where you can mingle around with a destination. Therefore we do not waste your money on lavish hotels and expensive meals. Rather the lodging is clean and comfortable and the food is simple yet delicious and fresh. We do not include a large amount of things on our tours. Therefore the prices are competitive for our trips.

How much money must I carry?
Do not carry a big amount of money. Most of the things necessary and some meals are included in the tour price. The amount of money that you must carry depends on where you are traveling but we generally ask travels to carry at least about US$ 20 a day to cover expenses for meals, drinks and so on.

How should I carry my money?
The safest and the most convenient way to carry money would be in the form of travelersí cheques. You could also carry credit cards. But sometimes we might be traveling in rural areas and the use of credit cards or cheques might be out of question. We therefore recommend that you carry some amount of cash along with you. US Dollars are accepted all over the world but it is always better to have small denomination bills but make sure that they are not ripped or crumpled.
These days there are a lot of ATMs emerging in major cities and you could also use them for money.

What is a Local Payment?
There is a system of local payment in almost all of our trips. Basically it's a portion of the tour cost paid to the our Leader/Local Representative in cash on the 1st day of your tour .This Local Payment assists in the collection of funds for everyday expenses such as internal flight, public transport, park entrance fees or occasionally special taxes or permits in countries where we travel and also helps to reduce bank charges to transfer money. This enables us to reduce overall price of the tour. This makes our prices comparatively lesser than the others.

Can local payment be made in local currency?
Local Payments will have to be done in US Dollars.

Must I need to tip the local guide?
If you think that the guide has worked hard to make your trip a special one, you can pay him or her. On most trips there may also be a system called tipping kitty where you can contribute some money to the tip box to avoid any embarrassments.

Is bringing gifts for people allowed?
If you are keen on bringing gifts for local people, we recommend that you bring something useful for them. If it is in a school that you want to distribute these, please do so with the help of the school authority. Do not entertain beggars.

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