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Where can I get additional information regarding the tour?
There are trip details on the website. You can also find additional travel information in the Detailed Itinerary page. You can also see the Pre Departure information or Country Fact Files.

What must I carry for the trip?
Once the booking has been confirmed we will send you a packing list meant for the particular trip.

What kind of immunizations do require before the trip?
We cannot give you any specific instructions or information on these simply because we arenít qualified doctors. It is highly recommended that you contact your doctor or you can consult professional travel fitness personnel. During a trip our staff only carries a First Aid kit which can be used during emergencies. It is recommended that you get your own First Aid kit.

Should I carry any medication?
Those who take medicine regularly should carry proper supply of their routine medication. Asthma patients must also be careful and carry a sufficient supply of medicine as some cities could be polluted. Please carry your own medical supplies for small ailments like colds, diarrhea, blisters and sore throats etc.

How much luggage can I take?
In the tours we organize, the fewer the luggage, the better. While traveling one does buy souvenirs. It is therefore recommended that you leave some space in your luggage. Sometimes you will be taking public transport where a backpack would be easier and convenient to carry. Please do not carry suitcases for such holidays. There are different regulations for different airlines and you can check directly with them or you can simply ask your travel agent about it.

What if I need any laundry service?
During our tours, we stay at places where laundry facilities are available. You can also bring along with you some detergents or what can be called travel wash and a set of clothes that will normally be easy to wash.

Will I need a sleeping bag?
You will need a sleeping bag sometimes and it varies on the trip that you have booked. You will get to know about it when we sent you a list of special luggage requirements.

How much of physical fitness does one require?
The trips we make for you can be taken up by anyone who is reasonably fit physically. We may at times be visiting remote regions where medication may not be available. This is the reason why you must be fit. For treks at greater altitudes it is better that you prepare. Please be aware that there maybe unsuitable road conditions and you have to carry your own bags.

Will I need a visa?
Most of the foreigners who travel to Asia require a visa. This also depends on what your nationality is. A visa can be acquired by getting in touch with a Visa processing service. You can also directly apply to the Consulate of the country you are traveling to.
You will receive trip specific information which will have visa information and an easy method to acquire them.

Will I need Travel Insurance?
Travel Insurance is mandatory. You domestic medical insurance and private health schemes will be of no avail in Asian countries. Therefore we highly recommend that you go for Travelex Insurance Services. You can either choose Travel Plus or Travel Lite. You may take another other that will cover you comprehensively but it is only by being fully insured that you can partake in our trips. It is important that you carefully check the policy especially the limits of your cover. You must also see the procedural claim making where sometimes some agencies ask you to make your claim in a certain period of time. The policy must also cover all your medical costs, emergency travel and repatriation. We will have to check the copies of the policy prior to your departure .The copies must have the policy number and an emergency hotline phone number.

Can I use the internet while traveling, emails for example?
You can find internet cafes on the trips. In cities there are most than sufficient internet cafes.

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