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Can I be a part of Discover Asiaís group style travel?
Discover Asia Tours has been a leading name in organizing tours where the enjoyment of independent travel exists. This is a company which has earned its reputation for taking care of travelers during the entire program in a professional manner. Discover Asia Tour is for people who crave for an insight and a deeper understanding of the place they visit. The feeling of companionship and sharing an exhilarating experience of a magical tour with a few other travelers is what Discover Asia Tours is all about. Here the prices are reasonable and we provide enough time for you to explore some of the places yourself. The lodging we provide is clean with all the necessary amenities. We would like you to be a part of this great adventure where every mystery of Asia is revealed before you and where you can consider yourself a traveler who understands and appreciates the magical of being in this amazing continent.

Is this group tour a distinctively typical one?
Our group tour is not a typical one because of the freedom that we provide to those who travel with us. There are minimum 2 people and maximum 12 people with reasonable tour prices. We make provisions for experiences that are simple yet magnanimous and different.

Must I pay for single supplement if I am a single traveler?
You need not pay for a single supplement if you donít want to. Many of our trips do not have provisions for single supplements. We work on a twin share basis and you will have to share a room with a traveler of the same sex who will be sharing your room for the entire tour. There are some trips that offer optional single supplements and sometimes single supplements are mandatory. We can provide you more information on this if you enquire about it personally with our staff.

Who will be my travel companions?
Each group is different from the other. A group will generally consist of different nationalities. Most people will be of 18 to 40 years of age. Sometimes there are older travelers as well.

Is age a bar in your tour programs?
We do not have any precise age limit of our tours. There will be people between the ages of 18 to 40. But if some are more than 40 years of age, that would be fine too. All you require for a tour is the spirit for adventure. For those who are over 60 years old, we request that they fill out a medical questionnaire and which must be signed by a doctor. We normally do not allow people below the age of 18 in our tours but you want the family together, we can arrange for a private departure for you.

In a trip how many people will be there?
A group size of 2-12 travelers will be on a normal trip. An average group consists of about 6 travelers.

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