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Must I go online to book a trip?
We have designed and developed to make booking all the more easier. However you can always give us a call for booking any particular trip or for enquiry. We have book a trip over the phone. You can also book through a travel agent.

Is there a discount scheme if I book more than one trip or if I have been on a trip before?
We provide a 10% (only on land cost) on trip bookings for anyone who has been with our trip or tour program.

How can I know if a particular trip is available?
If you are interested in a particular tour program, you must first check if the seats are available or not. Please take a look at the dates and prices page of a particular trip. And to check out for the availability of seats, you can either call/email/fill in online reservation request form. Our contact numbers are can be seen on the contact us page. We will receive your email at

Can I have a guarantee that a tour I book will run successfully?
We require at least two people for operating most of our tour programs. However there are some trips like the ones in Tibet, we require at least six people. We require a final payment from you and once we have the minimum required people the tour will be operated. Only in rare cases we do cancel a particular trip. We do that within 30 days prior to your departure. In cases like these, we guarantee that you can take any other tour of the same value that is run by Discover Asia Tours or you will get a full refund for the trip that has been cancelled.
Please understand that this guarantee does not apply if a trip is cancelled due to causes beyond our control like natural disasters or political disorder. For any details you can check out the additional travel information.

Can I take part in just a part or section of a tour?
It is not possible to just do sections of the tour. However, some of the tours have been compiled from small tours and at times can be booked separately.

Are international flights included in the tour price?
The prices quoted on the site do not include international flights; you are required to book the flights yourself.

How far in advance must I book a trip?
Some people might book early and some might do it leisurely. Therefore we do not know when a tour might be full. We recommend that as soon as you like a particular trip, book it immediately. We can book most of our trips even at the last minute or right until the departure date provided there are seats available.

When must the final payment be made?
The final payment is due in 60 days prior to the departure of your trip.

Can I get information about any of your latest deals?
Yes you can get all the information about our latest offers. We send regular e-mails and newsletters to our database with all the newest information, brochures and special trips.

Can booking be done through a travel agent?
Yes, it can be done through your travel agent.

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