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There is something magical and interestingly attractive about Asia that has fascinated the west for centuries. Most visitors find a subtle calm in Asia as if the place provides you with a sense of sublime peace, to others, a sense of adventure. But everything that is sought after in Asia is achieved, and the experience can be dubbed as exotic as well as magical.

Discover Asia Tours  was formed in order to provide this magical experience to anyone who sought Asia as a destination. It was founded by a man who believed in spreading the sense of exoticism and magic that one feels while visiting Asia. Today the company continues planning journeys that bring one closer to amazing faiths and cultures. Getting to know different cultures and walking around the most exotic of places, Asia offers an experience that remains unparalleled in dimensions of amusement and bliss. This has been the basic reason why we have strived towards opening the doors of Asia to keen travelers.

Our itineraries are planned keeping in mind your comfort and safety. There are great trips and hikes, fine hotels and fantastic cuisines and our tour leaders are efficient with great knowledge of local places and cultures. We have been making relentless efforts to make your travel safer and have been finding ways to make your trip worthy of being called a vacation. 

The Advantages

To get the best out of any trip, there has to be a conceptual approach towards the process of enjoying it. That is why we have been focusing on two aspects of travel; responsibility and mingling. Respecting people, cultures and the environment is key in all our trips. Taking public transports, sharing good food in small places and walking in small groups makes you enter the realm on understanding what Asia is all about. In our trips, you come face to face with local people and all the while, you will get first hand information about their life and their culture. Since we travel in smaller groups, we get a chance to take care of each and everyone of our guests on a personal level.

At the end of it, we realize that positive efforts do not go unrewarded. Today Discover Asia Tours has become one of the leading tour operators in the field adventure and traveler trips to Asia. We owe this to the passion with which we perform our work and our unrelenting endeavors to give you professional assistance wherever you need them. With diligent and professional staff and with the most intelligent minds among us, we have constantly been upgrading our own sense of responsibility to bring you the best of Asia. However, the greatest reward of all is found only in the emotions of contentment in the faces of all who travel with us.


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